ACTION Program

Beyond Carbon

Taking Action with VAXA results in co-benefits that support communities in developing economies to achieve greater food security at scale. One tonne of VAXA CO2e provides the lacking nutritional needs of one child for one year.

1 tonne VAXA CO2e = 1 Nourished Person

Our patented process has yielded unprecedented nutritional value through the activation of natural metabolic pathways in the algae, resulting in Icelandic Ultra Spirulina, the first natural source qualified to replace meat by providing essential nutrition: uniquely high active B12, quality proteins, and bioavailable iron, acting as a key enabler for the mass adoption of algae-based ingredients in local food products.

Ensuring acceptance levels is important to the success of the ACTION Program

In addition to impactful nutrition, Icelandic Ultra Spirulina offers a positive user experience, having a fresh, non-offensive scent and flavor and it’s free of contaminants, pesticides & pathogens.


We enable communities in developing economies to achieve long-term food security through education and capacity building.

The nutrition program offers Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS) as a key ingredient to make local food products more nutritious

Our program moves beyond feeding schemes and aligns with local stakeholders, including reputable NGOs, food suppliers, and governments, to create a holistic nutrition solution.

Improving Global Nutrition Programs

ACTION is a multistakeholder participatory process in which we establish multilevel solutions for immediate and long-term food security for people in Africa, Asia, and South America.

The lack of vitamin B12 doesn’t just potentially lead to anemia, it may damage the nervous system and for young children, B12 is crucial for brain development. According to a new study (2022), B12 deficiency is an enormous, yet overlooked problem, and the food relief currently supplied is not effective enough. Furthermore, it is important to support pregnant women, as a B12 deficiency may be passed on from mother to child.

According to the researchers, the problem calls for new solutions in food programs. The bioavailability and adequacy of B12 in food supplements for children with acute malnutrition should be reconsidered.1

( 1

Today only 20% of severely malnourished children receive emergency food relief, making the VAXA ACTION initiative more acute.