E2F – Energy to Food

The project is located in Iceland‘s ON Geothermal and Climate tech park and leverages the natural sources of waste heat, atmospheric CO2 emissions, 100% clean energy, and pristine Icelandic water of one of the world‘s largest geothermal plants.

Vertical algal farming technology

VAXA‘s patented vertical algal farming technology uses machine learning to create controlled, optimized 24/7 growth conditions that is pathogen-free and bio-secured. The resulting Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS) is unique in its nutritional composition of essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, making it a first-of-its-kind natural plant-based source of the nutritional composition of beef.

Our breakthrough technology embraces the Icelandic clean energy ecosystem in a science-backed validated methodology replacing a carbon-intensive product (beef) with carbon-neutral Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS).

Negative carbon footprint

Production of Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS) has a negative carbon footprint, utilizes less than 1% of the land and water used in conventional microalgae production, and has no herbicides or pesticides.

IUS has nutritional parity to beef in terms of essential amino acids, bioavailable Iron, & unopposed, active vitamin B12. It is free of contaminants, pesticides & pathogens. Providing a holistic nutrition solution.

The VAXA Energy to Food (E2F) project provides organizations with a sustainable way of avoiding and offsetting emissions globally.

VAXA in Icelandic means 'grow', when organizations commit to the VAXA emission reduction value propositions, they grow life.

Take ACTION with
VAXA Impact

VAXA drives impactful emission reductions worldwide, by offering a holistic approach that empowers individuals and organizations to make a conscious choice to reduce the highly intensive negative carbon impact of beef and replace it with a carbon-neutral nutrition solution- Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS).