Our partners

Climate action is a team sport and we need to move beyond 'business as usual'.
By choosing to partner with us you demonstrate that you are a leader who moves beyond intention, this inspires others to take action with you.

Why you should become a VAXA Partner

Carbon credits are generated by projects that have avoided or removed greenhouse gas emissions. When you purchase a credit from VAXA, you are ensuring that one less tonne of carbon dioxide, or another greenhouse gas equivalent, CO2e is released into the atmosphere.

The power of 1!

The avoidance of 1 tonne CO2e by purchasing 1 VAXA carbon credit enables us to support the nutrition of 1 person for 1 year.

VAXA produces Icelandic Ultra Spirulina which has nutritional parity to beef. In producing the microalgae, the project avoids methane emissions caused by the beef industry. Taking ACTION by buying VAXA offset certificates (carbon credits) not only shows your commitment to taking responsibility for your personal or company emissions, but it also shows your commitment to the people across the globe who deserve the basic human right of improved food security and nutrition. The great thing is that every effort counts, it all starts with 1- YOU!

Take action by offsetting your emissions now, either on our platform or by reaching out so we can guide you through the process.

VAXA's initial partners

It is our joint responsibility to preserve our limited natural resources while supporting communities to achieve their goal of greater food security. We cannot do this alone, our partnerships demonstrate a commitment to real ACTION that positively impacts society and the planet.

Crystal Riedemann VP Business Development Carbon Impact.