A revolutionary program to bridge malnutrition through food fortification.

VAXA Technologies is proud to launch the ACTION Impact Nutrition Global Program that can bridge
the malnutrition gap for millions of people in need.
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The ACTION program is designed to provide improved nourishment for communities by fortifying traditional foods lacking in sufficient vitamins and nutrients with the VAXA Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS) mix.
IUS is a vegan natural ingredient rich in iron, protein, amino acids, and active natural B12, essential to nourish the brain and nervous system.

Location: Tanzania

Early steps in the ACTION program are geared towards scaling up impactful nutrition in the Arusha
region of Tanzania in the village of Mto wa Mbu. Around 120 tribes reside in the village – it’s a cross-cultural melting pot with probably the most exotic mix of languages and customs found anywhere in Tanzania.

Bandari Project School

VAXA identified the Bandari Project School, a not-for profit organization helping to break the cycle of poverty by providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children and women in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania.
The school provides breakfast and lunch to the current cohort of 160 students and the food provided is often the only nutrition the children have regular access to.

Making daily meals more nutritious


  • The Icelandic Ultra Spirulina is dissolved and added to the daily porridge after cooking to preserve the
  • integrity of the ingredients.
  • The porridge is ready to be served to the children.
  • The IUS mix contains all nutrients required by people in the area.
  • ACTION will ensure that the children receive adequate nutrition on a daily basis.

ACTION Ensures a process of free prior and informed consent

The program fosters an inclusive multistakeholder collaboration with NGOs, governments, and stakeholders who understand the nutritional needs of the various localities.
Early adopters of the program include corporate partners, individuals, and Bandari School in Tanzania, where VAXA conducted the first stakeholder consultation in February 2024.

All project initiatives require stakeholder mapping and consultation.
Stakeholder mapping is the process whereby relevant stakeholders are identified as being impacted by the activities conducted by a project or entity.
It’s important that all stakeholders have a good understanding of what is being discussed and how it will impact them. They are also made aware that they can revoke consent at any time.

Science- Collaborating with experts

An important step in the ACTION program is to ensure a science-backed methodology and nutritional foods, we have done this in consultation with MATIS, the Food Institute of Iceland.
MATIS adds an extra layer of quality and oversight which is imperative in food programs that will be implemented in
varying geographies across the globe.

Additional Stakeholders

  • Catherine Ryan and Seif Sakate- Co-Founders of the Bandari School.
  • Gloria Masukuzi – General Manager Bandari School, who supported consultations and provided translations to support attendees in understanding all aspects of of potential implementation of food fortification with IUS in the morning porridge of the school children.
  • Staff and interns who work or volunteer at the school.
  • 160 Children who attend the school.
  • Guardians – people or family members who care for the children outside of school.

Net Zero-Circularity and Sustainability

Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS) is produced at the VAXA Technology facility in Iceland where the carbon-negative production process is supported by the resources provided by the adjacent geothermal plant, these include hot and cold water for thermal management, clean energy, and atmospheric CO2 which is consumed by the blue-green algae.
Our breakthrough technology embraces the Icelandic clean energy ecosystem in a science-backed validated methodology replacing a carbon-intensive product (beef) with carbon-neutral Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS).

IUS- Good for people and the planet

ACTION offers a technological malnutrition solution with carbon-negative microalgae, effectively decoupling food production from the well-documented present practices and negative impacts of agriculture on natural resources.
VAXA’s innovative process leverages geothermal clean energy and pristine water in a new scientific approach with consistent optimized growth conditions, to produce the first spirulina with nutritional parity to beef.

ACTION: Next steps

  • Engagement with local government.
  • Optimize the daily dose of IUS and complementary nutrients required by people in the region of
  • Monitor the students to determine their willingness to consume food fortified with the IUS mix.
  • Follow potential improvement in cognitive and physical attributes.
  • Appoint a project manager to oversee the smooth operation of this initiative and conduct the
    necessary surveys to determine the acceptance of IUS as an ingredient.

Impact Beyond Carbon

VAXA positively impacts people and the planet and is actively working towards the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Supporting ACTION Impact Nutrition has the added benefit of avoiding GHG emissions, particularly methane caused by the beef industry.
A partnership with VAXA creates healthy and resilient communities and helps to reduce and avoid harmful GHG emissions.

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