Press Release: Verne joins VAXA Technologies’ ACTION Impact Nutrition Carbon Emission and Sustainability Program

Reykjavik, Iceland, / May 08, 2024- Verne, a leading sustainable data center operator and developer joins VAXA’s Impact Nutrition Program with a mutual commitment to sustainability and an appetite for ACTION. VAXA and our partners can leverage our collective resources to drive meaningful change and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient world.

VAXA Technologies, a global climate and food tech company, is committed to sustainable partnerships that benefit the planet and people through the VAXA ACTION Impact Nutrition Program. The Program delivers nutrition by fortifying the traditional foods of malnourished people holistically and in partnership with stakeholders eager to collaborate to achieve the collective goal of greater environmental and social impact through impactful ACTION.  

We are delighted to welcome Verne to VAXA’s pioneering group of innovative partners. Verne delivers sustainable data center solutions that enable organizations to cost-effectively scale their digital infrastructure while reducing their environmental impact. Its Icelandic campus is 100% powered by renewable geothermal and hydroelectric energy.

VAXA ACTION Impact Nutrition emission reduction program

The VAXA ACTION Impact Nutrition Program provides a wonderful opportunity for stakeholders to advocate for people and the planet through the VAXA Carbon Project, which supports several of the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs) with a focus on SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and SDG 4 (Quality Education).

VAXA developed a new scientific approach for sustainable production of microalgae with meaningful CO2 offset impact through its microalgae called Icelandic Ultra Spirulina (IUS). IUS is equivalent to beef in terms of essential amino acids, iron, and natural active bioavailable vitamin B12, meaning IUS can effectively be used as an ingredient to fortify foods for people across the globe without the GHG emissions attributed to conventional food production.

Sustainable microalgae

VAXA’s location in Iceland, adjacent to one of the world’s largest geothermal plants, allows for a carbon-negative production process that utilizes non-arable land and a fraction of the water and energy resources of conventional farming.


Verne’s CEO Dominic Ward says, “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with VAXA, an innovative company that closely complements our mission and values. VAXA has created a technology-based project that not only enables us to offset our carbon emissions, it provides full traceability with a digital audit trail, which is very important to us. The project is based on the principles of the circular economy in Iceland, with a focus on environmentally friendly, sustainable practices that, like our own facilities, utilize the country’s natural geothermal power.

“This partnership will ensure Verne reaches its own ambitious sustainability goals.” 

VAXA’s Partners

“We are happy to welcome Verne to our ACTION program. Our partners are all committed to a robust and transparent net zero strategy in which steps have been taken to reduce emissions and only then compensate residual emissions. Successful sustainability partnerships such as this one, can bring greater attention to important environmental issues, and advocate for others to become involved in meaningful ACTION with durable co-benefits that support improved nutrition,” said Crystal Riedemann, VAXA’s VP of Business Development Carbon Impact.

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About VAXA

VAXA (, a global food & climate tech company has developed a new scientific approach for the sustainable production of microalgae produced at the VAXA Technology facility in Iceland where the carbon-negative production process is supported by the resources provided by the adjacent geothermal plant.